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Catalog and Archive Management

The Enterprise Catalog and Archive Management components provide a client/server based service for archiving multiple versions of data and metadata as well as user interfaces to catalogs and archives.


The following components comprise Enterprise Catalog and Archive Management:

  • Catalog and Archive Service

    The Catalog and Archive Service is a software component that provides an extensible way to catalog and archive data. Products can be inserted into the archive along with cataloging metadata. Products, which are treated as collections of files by the service, maintains versions of each released product and can retrieve arbitrary versions. The service also provides the capability of launching an open-ended set of triggered processing rules that can validate data and metadata, derive products, run analysis algorithms, and so forth.

  • Catalog and Archive Web Application

    This is a user interface for the Catalog and Archive Service. It provides a web application that enables the user to interact with the service.

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Last Published: 08 December 2005

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