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Object Oriented Data Technology

What is it? More about it:

It's middleware for metadata:

  • Transparent access to distributed resources
  • Data discovery and query optimization
  • Distributed processing and virtual archives

It's a software architecture:

  • Models for information representation
  • Solutions to knowledge capture problems
  • Unification of technology, data, and metadata

How does it work?

Who's using it?

  • National Institutes of Health
  • NASA Planetary Data System
  • NASA SeaWinds Earth Science Mission
  • NASA QuikSCAT Earth Science Mission
  • Dozens of institutions
  • Space, planetary, biomedical, and other domains

How Do I Get It?


OODT for the Planetary Data System

OODT for the Early Detection Research Network

OODT is comprised of basic software components that are outfitted for particular applications . If you're looking for a specific application of OODT, click one of the above icons.

The basic components of OODT are open source software available through the Open Channel Foundation. You can download binary and source distributions of the OODT components. OODT is available with a non-restrictive license for private, internal use.

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Last Published: 23 October 2007

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